About Forex Brokers Hub

Hi, I’m Paul Davis and I’m the founder of ForexBrokersHub.com.

The sole purpose and mission of this website is to educate and inform aspiring traders and experienced traders alike about the trading the equity markets (Forex, stock markets and maybe futures) and the state of the retail trading industry. Retail trading is booming with the Internet moving to the mainstream allowing any old Joe with a connection to the World Wide Web to trade any market he wishes.

I anticipate that some articles that I will be writing may be perceived as “negative”. I have no real reason to post negative posts except to reveal something that I think other traders should be aware of or know about before or when they trade the markets.

As to what markets I will be covering, it will depend on the flavor of the day. It will mainly cover trading instruments that I have traded with which are your typical stocks (shares), Exchange Traded Warrants, Contracts For Difference (CFD) and Foreign Exchange (Forex).

I wish you every success in your trading.
Paul Davis